Grow Your Own Produce

2017 Sunday Series

Grow Your Own Garden Workshops

March – September

This workshop series is designed to help you:

build, plant, harvest, and preserve

your fresh garden vegetables and fruits

Classes will be held on Sunday afternoons from 3:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. unless otherwise noted.  Locations of classes vary depending on the subject matter and instructor. Must register and pre-pay prior to date of class. 1-870-424-0234. Price includes materials for the class.


Thinking Inside the Box                                   Sunday, March 12 

This workshop teaches you how to build a raised planter boxes for your vegetables or flowers.  We will meet at Eve’s Garden of Eatin’ to look at her many planter boxes.  You’ll learn the advantages and disadvantages of growing plants in raised beds, how to size, design and build them from wood timbers and concrete blocks, and what plants grow best in this unique environment.  Each person receives a blueprint for building a box, plus a material list.

  • Fee: $15.00 a person.  Fee covers a snack and a glass of wine, plus materials.
  • Instructors: Sammons
  • Location:  Eve’s Garden of Eatin’


Gardening for Insects – or Not!                        Sunday, April 2

Every garden is host to those insects and other “garden bugs” that visit – for better or worse. Come learn how various garden practices can increase the activities of certain insects that are good and organic practices to ward off the pesky visitors. Emphasis will be on insects that are often considered desirable to many gardeners.

  • Fee: $15.00 a person. Fee covers a snack and a glass of wine, plus materials.
  • Instructors: Eve Sammons
  • Location: TBD


2 B’s of Gardening!                                 Sunday, April 9

Planting a garden that attracts butterflies and bees is easy and important. This workshop help you identify the right herbs, vegetables and flowers to plant so that you get butterflies and bees in your garden.

  • Fee:
  • Instructors:
  • Location:


Compost: Buying It, Making It, Using It

  • Adding compost to the soil is important for good soil management. But do you buy it or make it, and how much should you add? We will discuss what to look for when buying, how to make your own, and how to properly apply compost. Instructor
  • Fee:
  • Instructors:
  • Location:


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